Research University Complete Digital Transformation Collection

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Complete Digital Transformation of Asia’s Top Research University

IMSS 3A Digital Strategy helped one of the world’s premiere research university re-imagine digital and regain focus on doing what it does best – research and scientific advancement, leaving its Digital innovation to the innovative and safe hands of IMSS.


Client Profile

The client is a 100+ year old public, deemed, research university for higher education and research in science, engineering, design, and management. It is ranked second in the world in terms of citations per faculty and is one of the top research universities in World.


The university has multitudes of independent applications covering the entire student life cycle management including the aspects of a admissions, campus, education, research, human resources, equipments, laboratories and administration functions evolved over a period of several decades of computing with multiple programming languages, operating systems , and databases.

What IMSS did

The multi-phased and multi-year project started with just setting the systems right, produce accurate data with minor upgrades. Subsequently multiple projects were spun off with overall objective expanded to have an end-to-end ERP implementation and migration of applications and data.

In order to cater to the growing needs and changing technology landscape, the university executed the project to conduct the system and feasibility study of its applications, provide enhancements to applications, re-engineer and enhance the functionalities.


Legacy Application Transformation with Application Management, Validation and Modernization


Leveraging Newer Technologies with Cloud, Infrastructure Optimization & DevOps


Bringing in the Domain Expertise Towards Data Transformation for ERP Deployment

Value Delivered

The university has come a long way from the days of the fragmented legacy systems running under different operating systems and environments that offered limited their bandwidth and leaving them with minimal opportunities to improve performance. IMSS consolidated different legacy systems and technologies onto single platform, cloud-enabled and stabilized legacy applications.

Over 120 websites have been migrated to Azure Cloud as part of infrastructure optimization. End-to-end ERP has been implemented with migration of applications and data. Many applications, websites and systems were re-architected and migrated to cloud with necessary security measures in place with 3-tier architecture.

Major steps taken to optimize resource usage and cost. Over 60 servers have been optimized into a single WAF. gateway for ease of security. Multi-site Virtual Machines for different logins.

By partnering with IMSS to deploy a streamlined and centralized model, accessing highly skilled talent, and innovation capabilities they have been able to position their research efforts to continue to excel in today’s dynamic technological environment.


“We helped this eminent institution to now suport its users in a faster and more live context, which allows them to be more innovative and focus on world-changing research.”

Sridhar Karra COO, IMSS