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IMSS Ensures Continuous Delivery Quality for a Global VAS Solutions Leader

IMSS Digital Assurance Strategy delivered DevOps solution for a global leader in telecom & mobile solutions offering digital VAS, fintech and CRM solutions for telcos, ensured continuous integration, continuous delivery and quality.


Client Profile

The client is a leader in offering mobility solutions for telcos, financial institutions and caters to over two billion mobile users globally. It offers messaging, mobile Internet, content, mobile commerce, prepaid and business support solutions. IMSS has a strong and long standing partnership with the client for over a decade.


IMSS has been engaged with the client team for maintenance of SMS Firewall which is one of the core applications of the client.

The main challenge of the client’s reporting team was to finish large call data record (CDR) data log processing within stipulated times.

Approximately 90 million records of CDR logs needed to be processed within 15 minutes and generate reports from that CDR data. The reporting system is expected to be very fast and robust so that it should process CDR logs every 15 minutes without piling of CDR records.

What IMSS did

This project was to ease the requirement management and in turn optimize the schedule and quality of deliveries.

IMSS identified and integrated various DevOps tools and practices to efficiently manage the projects.

By the end of the project, IMSS made it easier for the client and their development teams to streamline the requirement receival process, tracking and project management for better resource management, inculcate better project discipline using DevOps tools and traceability from requirement to closure.


Requirements captured at a central location and team members for performing their respective activities.


Processes defined for addressing the conflict between support and development activities.


Process Discipline including Daily Stand-Up, Review Process, Periodic project Reviews


Building of test cases for the requirements.


Time tracking for better resource management.


Source Code Management, Traceability from Requirement to closure, Content management

Value Delivered

  • 100% improvement in achieving better timing and process large CDR data quickly.
  • 95% shift in team focus shift from operations to technology.
  • 100% automation of team velocity calculation – burnt story point w.r.t sprint and automate reporting.
  • 100% automation of creating the build upon code check-in to source control and automatically perform unit-tests and produce results.
  • 100% auto-generation of release notes w.r.t. product deployment.
  • 100% automation of bi-directional traceability matrix management.
  • 85% reduction in manual monitoring and project management.

“We have a special relationship with this client for over a decade and with this project we helped the client implement DevOps solution and propel its transformation strategy”

Sridhar Karra COO, IMSS