Agile DevOps Transforms How Requirements Are Managed At A World-Class University

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Agile-DevOps from IMSS Transforms How Transformation Is Managed At A World-Class University

Digital Assurance Services from IMSS helps a world-class university streamline the requirement tracking and digital transformation process easier using DevOps tools and practices while addressing challenges related to total cost of ownership (TCO) and time-to-market.


Client Profile

The client is a 100+ year old public, deemed, research university for higher education and research in science, engineering, design, and management. It is ranked second in the world in terms of citations per faculty and is one of the top research universities in World.


IMSS has been engaged in maintenance of multiple applications which are catering to core academic functions of IISc. IMSS team has been delivering enhancements and support on these applications.

Generally, the requirements are received from multiple stakeholders through emails, meetings and verbal communications.

Often, it becomes difficult to manage the requirements effectively, which in turn affecting the delivery schedule and quality of delivery.

What IMSS did

This project was to ease the requirement management and in turn optimize the schedule and quality of deliveries.

IMSS identified and integrated various DevOps tools and practices to efficiently manage the projects.

By the end of the project, IMSS made it easier for the client and their development teams to streamline the requirement receival process, tracking and project management for better resource management, inculcate better project discipline using DevOps tools and traceability from requirement to closure.


Requirements captured at a central location and team members for performing their respective activities.


Processes defined for addressing the conflict between support and development activities.


Process Discipline including Daily Stand-Up, Review Process, Periodic project Reviews


Automation of builds and deployment.


Time tracking for better resource management.


Source Code Management, Traceability from Requirement to closure, Content management

Value Delivered

  • 90% shift in team focus shift from operations to technology.
  • 100% automation of team velocity calculation – burnt story point w.r.t sprint and automate reporting.
  • 100% automation of creating the build upon code check-in to source control and automatically perform unit-tests and produce results.
  • 100% auto-generation of release notes w.r.t. product deployment.
  • 100% automation of bi-directional traceability matrix management.
  • 90% automation of test life cycle management – test plan, design, execution and reporting.
  • 85% reduction in manual monitoring and project management.

“We helped this eminent institution to now suport its users in a faster and more live context, which allows them to be more innovative and focus on world-changing research.”

Sridhar Karra COO, IMSS