Enterprise Integration Services (EIS)

Ensure efficient data flow from one system to another and real-time integration between different applications. Ultimately, stimulate growth and improve your organizational performance.

Our Services

  • Framework Services We provide you an application integration roadmap for integrating your enterprise applications that need to be renewed, reengineered and consolidated into a single 360-degree view.
  • SOA based integration Integrate your applications with third-party vendors, partners or your customers so that your applications can communicate seamlessly resulting in an integrated enterprise.
  • ESB Services Link multiple systems, applications, data with no disruption. Improve security, message routing with a high-performance central platform.
  • B2B Integration API-led, Cloud based B2B/EDI management with seamless business partner connectivity to achieve the desried RoI.

Benefits with IMSS

Our clients deliver faster and achieve greater business agility by implementing our DevOps Solution.

System Interrelations

Connect people, processes, systems and technologies within your organization’s ecosystem.

Realtime Data

Deliver realtime exact data regardless of what system you are deploying and authorize people access to information.

Coordinated Processes

Automate business processes, further refining productivity across your organization.

Technology Expertise

IMSS is powered by a powerful network of partners and vendors who are market leaders in their domains. This helps us to bring our clients – the best specialized skills, tools and platforms and the newest IT solutions available. Below is a small glimpse at our technology expertise:

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