Cloud capabilities that deliver results

Free your organization from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures and allow developers to focus on business solutions instead of the technical underpinnings.

Start your journey to Cloud with IMSS

IMSS can help transform key workloads to the Cloud with minimal intrusion and maximum automation. Developing for the Cloud or migrating to the cloud needs precise planning, risk mitigation and cost management and IMSS helps you do exactly that.

  • Journey to real-time enterprise Our experts can get you to the cloud faster. We help you build efficient, agile and scalable cloud capabilities which can help you focus on improving your competitive capabilities and innovate faster.
  • Results driven migration Our technology expertise and toolsets make complex migration processes fast, easy and secure.
  • Scale and flexibility Our business models are adaptable to your needs, size, cost demands. Our Cloud services can free-up your resources to be available as needed and will cost you as consumed.

Our Cloud offerings

IMSS can help you to formulate your Cloud strategy, timing and roadmap – making your entire Cloud journey quick and effortless.

Cloud App Development

  • Build your own cloud-based business applications and integrate with other SaaS platforms.
  • Reinvent your applications making use of emerging technologies and build with speed and agility.

Migration & Integration

  • Migrate and modernize applications and transform your infrastructure.
  • Integrate with external services from partners, customers and remote employees, facilitating supply chain, logistics, B2B data and media collaboration.

SaaS Development

  • Build your own SaaS either on existing platform or build your own stack.
  • Take advantage of our domain and industry knowledge to create necessary infrastructure.
  • Strong understanding of multi-tenancy, configurability, security, partitioning.

Technology Expertise

IMSS is powered by a powerful network of partners and vendors who are market leaders in their domains. This helps us to bring our clients – the best specialized skills, tools and platforms and the newest IT solutions available. Below is a small glimpse at our technology expertise:

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