End-to-end Blockchain service offering, including ideation, strategy, business case development, proof of concept (PoC) creation and future integration roadmap definition.

Blockchain Services

  • Installation, configuring private Blockchain Platforms (Ethereum , Hyperledger Fabric) and required nodes.
  • Writing smart contracts / Chaincode on Ethereum / Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Integration of client applications with Blockchain platforms.
  • Design, development, testing of Blockchain solutions.
  • Analyse current scenario / problem statement and assess ways of adapting Blockchain
  • Consultation teams to kick start applications on Blockchain
  • Developing Pilots & PoCs to understand the use case and the application of the technology

Pilot / PoC

Piloting services, RnD based customization, PoC services, onboarding services, integration services.

Platform Customization

Consensus algorithm, transaction flow customization, tailoring permission methodology, data storage, blockchain membership services, key management.

Blockchain Implementation

Map use cases onto Blockchain. Writing Smart Contracts / Chaincode in Solidity or GO Language. Integrating applications to blockchain platforms.

Blockchain QA & Support

Smart contract review, smart contract testing, DevOps, peer node testing, non-functional testing, data validity testing, security testing.

Our Blockchain domain expertise

Our clients deliver faster and achieve greater business agility by implementing our DevOps Solution.


Blockchain in IoT intensive industries like manufacturing, security, monitoring etc., have deep potential where companies can take advantage of quick returns using smart contracts in record maintenance, digital asset management etc., while improving their IoT security and maintenance.


IMSS developed hands on expertise in securing healthcare records, improving transparency in diagnosis and medical prescriptions. IMSS can help businesses working in pharma supply chain, clinical trials to improve their transaction and record security with Blockchain implementations.


Perhaps, the biggest beneficiary of Blockchain revolution is the FinTech industry. IMSS can help FinTech service providers secure transactions and solve other problems in remittances, payments, micro-lending, claims & settlements, loyalty points, insurance and many more.

Technology Expertise

IMSS is powered by a powerful network of partners and vendors who are market leaders in their domains. This helps us to bring our clients – the best specialized skills, tools and platforms and the newest IT solutions available. Below are a some of our technology partnerships:

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