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Latest Openings​​

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Growth and Learning

To help employees build upon their expertise and capability, Career Growth Program at IMSS includes all-round development in the areas of skill building, knowledge and leadership capabilities. IMSS also offers focused training intended to help employees as they progress through their career life-cycle. At IMSS, mentors and managers will track progress of the trainees and provide guidance throughout the careers here.

Develop your Personal Brand

IMSS believes it’s important for every individual to build a personal brand, not just a career. And for this, we help you define who you are, what your unique abilities, strengths, skills and talents are and help you understand other people’s perceptions about you. Helping you project a positive professional presence and strategies to build your network in person and online, IMSS ensures you have a robust personal brand to succeed in your career.

Our Culture

Rewards & Recognition

Rewarding and recognizing is our way of thanking employees for being a part of our daily work life at IMSS. We have a well defined rewards and recognition system to strengthen how we motivate, inspire and value our people. Our annual rewards program across multiple functions is developed to value our best performers over the year. A separate “Spot Awards” program allows us to thank our people instantly.

Diversity & Inclusivity

IMSS believes in creating equal opportunities for all. People from different nationalities, races, religions and belief systems work together at IMSS to foster an environment of harmony, courtesy, mutual respect and dignity. Here at IMSS, we welcome professionals who want to perform at their absolute best and help create the perfect environment where innovation and creative freedom can excel in a semi-formal workspace.


At IMSS, we have a vibrant culture, celebrating various events & festivities and we have our own league tournaments for varied sports. Peer celebrations happen regularly at IMSS.

Life at IMSS