DevOps: Continuous Delivery, Collaboration & Automation

Seamlessly align Developers with Operations. Achieve high performance by deploying 30 times more frequently with 50% fewer failures.

Our Services

Our services span the application life cycle and ca be used across the value chain from digital customer facing systems to backend enterprise applications.

DevOps Consulting

Assessment and Evaluation, Solution Design, Tailored Proof of Concept, Implementation and Support.

Release Automation

ontinuous Delivery Solution, Release Deployment and Automation through Orchestration.

Service Virtualization

Simulation of Application Behaviour, Data & Performance, Provisioning of Software Functionality, Reduced Infrastructure Cost.

Configuration and Environment Management

Manage Tools and Processes for Applications and Infrastructure, Operations Support.

Benefits of our DevOps Solution

Our clients deliver faster and achieve greater business agility by implementing our DevOps Solution.

Key Features

Assess your Organization’s DevOps maturity level by analyzing the current state and setting a roadmap with clear recommendations.

Automate application release and deployment from planning to production, manage infrastructure, applications, tools, processes and dat-to-day operations in software configuration management and environment management.

Key Benefits

Single view to business and IT across Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Automated end-to-end flow for moving application changes seamlessly from planning to production.

Agility and faster time to market for application functionality to client’s single Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to version artefacts across ALM.

Network Automation

To stay competitive in the challenging network infrastructure market you need tools for enterprise-wide network automation. We work with Red Hat and provide Ansible Tower to automate the management of servers, firewalls, network and storage devices.

Ansible Tower’s self-service provisioning and role-based capabilities help teams focus on development and accelerate response times.

IMSS Advantage and our methodology

Clients choose us because of our ability to improve business agility and reduce costs. We are differentiated by our proven ability to:

  • Offer Dev + Ops a clear vision of their new roles and expected behaviours.
  • Create a culture of collaboration, communication, experimentation and learning.
  • Gradually implement DevOps concepts in alignment with the business goals.
  • Automate the main processes
  • Cross-train Dev and Ops teams.
  • Take a data-centric approach with regular monitoring and feedback.
  • Plan the subsequent phases across the value life cycle.

Service Capabilities

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