Create Rewarding Experiences with ChatBOTs

Smarter Conversational UI, Meaningful Insights and Cognitive Assistance. Personalised Care, Commerce and Curation.

Enable Personalised Care, Commerce & Curation.

ChatBOTs are getting deeply involved in customer-facing interactions. Users can get their tasks done quickly in a personalised manner without having to interact with an application. Growing popularity of instant messaging apps with billions of messages sent every day combined with waning interest in separate mobile apps among smartphone users are driving the popularity of these conversational ChatBOTs.

IMSS Cognition practice center helps companies create transformative conversational and voice based solutions to boost revenue streams, improve omni-channel user experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

For Sales

Improve interactions, increase sales and customer satisfaction with personalised 24×7 human-like BOTs.

For Customers

Reduce support costs by automating service interactions while opening up new ways of interactions including visual and voice interfaces.

For Employees

Improve satisfaction and productivity among employees and service providers by automating high-frequency and routine interactions.

ChatBOT Strategy and Consulting

IMSS can guide you strategize and design intelligent conversational capabilities and experiences for your enterprise

  • Map the business objectives to detailed requirements and define integration points with existing core systems & business processes.
  • Design the product features and identify suitable technology platforms with deep expertise in IBM Watson, DialogFlow and Microsoft LUIS.
  • Integrate with conversational channels and messengers including Google Assistant, Alexa, Slack, Facebook Messenger or similar.

ChatBOT Development

Designing, development, testing of rule based and AI based intelligent chatbots.

Implementation of a modular plugin based platform

Adapting existing content onto the chatbot platform

Integrate the bot platform with existing systems

Integrate existing workflows into the ChatBOT

Technology Expertise

IMSS is powered by a powerful network of partners and vendors who are market leaders in their domains. This helps us to bring our clients – the best specialized skills, tools and platforms and the newest IT solutions available. Below are a some of our technology partnerships:

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