Business Process Management (BPM)

Align, Optimize and Automate Business Processes. Improve efficiency, flexibility and capability to adapt to changing conditions with K2, a powerful enterprise low-code development platform.

K2 Application Services

  • App development
  • Solution deployment
  • System integration
  • Program management
  • Mobile enablement of K2 apps

K2 Partnership

IMSS is the only implementation partner for K2 in India and is the go-to BPM & K2 Partner for many businesses. If you are an existing K2 partner, our BPM teams can execute and deliver your projects with flexible engagement models where you can fully control quality, time and costs.

SmartForms & Workflow Development

Designer and K2 Studio

K2 Packaging and Deployment

K2 Integration with ERP, CRM & Databases

Integrated K2 Testing

Upgrade / Migrate to K2 Five & K2 Cloud

Discover how IMSS K2 Five upgrade methodology can help your organisation’s readiness and seamless upgrade / migration.

  • Quickly build & deploy process apps without infrastructure hassles with K2 Cloud
  • Granularly configure security and access permissions in K2 Five
  • Accelerate time-to-market and rapidly roll out K2 apps with new app wizards
  • Setup intelligent warning systems to avoid workflow configuration errors
  • Integration with Office 365, Exchange Online, Salesforce, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps
  • Setup workflow analytics

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