Helpful RPA solutions for businesses from IMSS on COVID-19

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RPA solutions for businesses from IMSS on COVID-19

Helping companies combat COVID-19 related setbacks.

As the fight against COVID-19 continues to gain momentum, we at IMSS are doing all we can to support governments, businesses and frontline workforce.

COVID-19 lockdown may cost the global economy USD 4 trillion, Rs.8.76 lakh crore in India – World Economic Forum

The IMSS RPA Center helps you automate tasks that must happen even during crisis, help business running and create a security blanket so that your employees can focus on staying safe and meeting customer needs effectively. Here are some of the ways specific to COVID-19 processes where IMSS can help you.

  • Government / Local Authorities: Automate issuance of lockdown transit passes by state and local governments to citizens so that they can avail essential services.
  • Manufacturers / Retailers: Automate the ordering process cycle, enable faster processing orders to tackle multi-fold increase in the orders of sanitizers, masks and other essentials for manufacturers and retailers.
  • Medical Insurance: Automate claims & renewals processes for insurance companies and field offices while handling massive volume spikes.
  • HR / Delivery / Training: Faster processing of thousands of applications for delivery positions, volunteering and other roles to handle crisis along with automated onboarding of employees, training and other formalities with minimal human intervention.

If you have identified a process or task or workflow which is critical, time consuming, repetitive and highly person centric, for automation, we are here to help you.

HA variety of tasks can be executed independently without human intervention using RPA solutions from IMSS. We can support a wide variety of organizations spanning any vertical market.

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” — Albert Einstein

Talk to us if you wish, to explore solutions to problems of making your workplace safer, reduce impact, ensure continuity from COVID-19, or help frontlines combat the virus.

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Together, we will come out of this crisis stronger.