What we do

Bring business and IT together to accelerate your Digital Transformation. Increase agility, alignment and business value.

Elastic Workforce with Talent as a Service

Drive your strategic vision and power sustainable growth by leveraging our technology expertise and contextual knowledge of your business.

IMSS Elastic Workforce ⟶

Quality Engineering & Transformation

Leveraging Intelligence, DevOps and Automation in Software and Application Quality – for Success in the Digital World

IMSS Testing Services ⟶

Agile & DevOps, Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

Our clients deliver applications at the pace of business faster and with lower risk by implementing DevOps.

IMSS DevOps Continuity ⟶

Why it matters

Working as trusted advisors to our clients, we are focused on delivering value. We combine technology expertise with industry skills and flexible business models in a way that is truly differentiated and delivers business outcomes as a service for our clients—at scale.


in to and leverage a global knowledge base, gain access to resources


focusing on your core business processes while delegating non-core processes


operational and overhead costs, accelerate your digital journey


effectively internal resource crunches, mitigate risk