Is your business fully utilizing today’s Mobile Capabilities?

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Is your business fully utilizing today’s Mobile Capabilities?

Computing platforms have drastically evolved from Mainframe Computers that occupied a large room to today’s sleek Smartphones which fits in our palm.

“Today, your cell phone has more computing power than all of NASA back in 1969, when it placed two astronauts on the moon.” – Michio Kaku

By 2016, over one-quarter of the global population will use smartphones. Growing use of mobile platforms is transforming many industries. Though, there is rapid growth of mobile business apps, businesses are yet to fully utilize the immense capabilities of mobile platforms. It is time for businesses to see how mobile computing platforms can be leveraged to achieve business growth and operational efficiency.

A mobile app need not serve as a mere mobile version of desktop platforms. With its unique computing capabilities, it can deliver an exclusive intuitive user experience. Here are few capabilities and features of today’s smartphones that businesses can utilize in their business apps:

  • Location sensing capabilities
  • Fits in a pocket, and therefore, ubiquitous
  • Mobile is a better platform for Augmented Reality to work
  • NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities
  • 3D Screens & upcoming Hologram display capabilities
  • Voice, Eye, Gesture recognition and control capabilities
  • In-built high-quality cameras
  • Projection capabilitiesSome of the above mentioned capabilities and features are either exclusively available or can be of wide practical use in a mobile computing platform only. Lets look at a scenario to demonstrate how a business app can utilize mobile capabilities to improve Sales/CRM function.
  1. Location Specific Updates to Sales/Service Team
    By leveraging the location sensing capability which is exclusively offered only by a mobile device, a mobile CRM app can automatically prompt a list of clients/partners/prospcts who are based in that vicinity. This way, the team can easily plan and have additional meetings on the go during their business trips.

    The traveling Sales/Service team can be updated with relevant information and insights that they should know before a meeting. Here, the team will save a ton of time typically required for doing the groundwork and planning of such meetings themselves.

    This proves to be highly beneficial, especially, when there are large number of client accounts spread across the country and the visiting team is not familiar with the place.

  2. Send Customized Updates, Invitations and Vouchers to Customers
  3. In-app Chat Support
  4. Training (mLearning)
  5. Live Update on Product Shipping Status

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