5 Prominent Ways Retailers Can Leverage The Power Of Mobile Apps

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5 Prominent Ways Retailers Can Leverage The Power Of Mobile Apps

Technologies like Bluetooth Smart, RFID, Beacons and Sensors that form the Internet of Things are already transforming the shopping into information oriented experiences.

Every vertical in the retail industry including product discovery, advertising, logistics, inventory management and payments are undergoing tremendous evolution. Some retailers have already begun enhancing their businesses by leveraging the power of these technologies and putting them in the hands of customers and employees through mobile apps & solutions to create a more intuitive experience for everybody.

Over 77% of retailers believe store operations are the most that will benefit from mobile strategies (EKN Mobility – http://eknresearch.com/ )

  1. Managers can make faster and smarter decisions
    • Retailers can successfully leverage mobility to provide store team leaders with detailed insights using up-to-date sales & operations information that allow them to adjust their strategy in real-time based on sales trends.
    • Real-time data communicated via mobile can help these managers effectively manage their inventory, workforce and pricing.
  2. Store Personnel can improve productivity
    • Mobile solutions can empower store personnel by allowing them to access a wide range of information such as the most relevant products to push to customers, promotions to drive key product sales etc.,
    • Store personnel can also boost their productivity and access training materials and videos and their goals can be closely tracked as well as provide gamified goals to improve employee engagement.
  3. Control Business Costs
    Software roll out costs are going down in enterprises across various sectors due to newer operational models such as BYOD and cloud solutions. Retailers can scale these newer software services based on usage and manage their costs more effectively.
  4. Manage Sales
    Mobile apps can provide real-time information & alerts about inventory and orders to help manage inventory across multiple stores or supply chains.
  5. Improve Customer Loyalty
    Majority of the shoppers need help and expert advice on in-store product selection and retailers can leverage power of mobile to help both customers and store associates by providing customer insights, personalized product recommendations and other guidance as and when required.