Work from home doesn’t need to make you feel lonely. How to find the perfect balance ?

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Work from home doesn’t need to make you feel lonely. Tips from the IMSS team on how to find a perfect balance ?

The Cliche’ of the new normal​

A lot has changed in the last few months and we have been hearing multiple of these “new normal” and the most frequent one being – Working from Home. Interviewees, advisors, even the news anchors themselves are presenting from their own homes.

IMSS recognizes the need of practicality and empathy and invested in finding new ways of ensuring business continuity while being sensitive to the needs of out people as well as to this new social isolation. We have ensured an elastic digital workforce with the collaboration tools, network connectivity and security processes that makes sure the clients are serviced.

We all need resilience to get out of this situation safely and for us it relies on our employee well-being and engagement to keep the wheels turning for our clients. Open, ongoing communications are the right means to help people cope.

The role of tech tools​

The silver lining is that any company can formulate an active communications and collaboration strategy using today’s technologies and platforms. For instance, we’ve seen an explosion of video conferencing within IMSS, as our elastic workforce operates remotely.

We’ve rolled out Microsoft Teams to live along with our Google Chat and Google Meet platforms. Our Systems team was at work in helping our employees as well as our clients to take advantage of Teams in these difficult times. Our support teams help executives make the fast, highly-informed decisions that keep their businesses working.

To improve communications during the coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft has offered premium Teams for the next six months. Google made Google Meet open for normal users for free. Microsoft teams added 12 million daily active users added in a single week—that’s around 44 million users of Teams daily. In the United Kingdom, Teams is being rolled out across the entire National Health Service (NHS) to help staff better communicate and collaborate around their responses to COVID-19.

Take advantage of cloud-based Microsoft 365​

IMSS works extensively on Microsoft and Google office suites. IMSS offers Microsoft 365 based services for our customers ro deliver new cloud and low-code app capabilities to people. Our people also can work in leading ways, such as working in a browser with content that is mostly in the cloud and being able to collaborate simultaneously on documents in the cloud.

Collaborate and communicate with capabilities like Microsoft Teams

Teams acts as the communications hub for our “digital elastic workforce,” providing a new generation of technology for communicating, chatting, file sharing, conferencing and more—all supporting enhanced collaboration among IMSS and with our clients.

The move to Teams also builds on IMSS’s investments in social, mobile, pervasive video, broadcasting and secure network for our employees. The collaboration as-a-service model helps IMSS deliver new features to our people fast—they no longer have to wait for the latest release of Office or Teams, as in the past.

Top 10 tips on how to work from home from our employees

  • Stay Active
  • Stick to a “Normal” Schedule
  • Make Your “Home Office” Real
  • Take Regular Breaks
  • Be Organised
  • Stay Social
  • Don’t Stop Learning
  • If you have kids, keep them entertained
  • Social Media Distancing
  • Relax